An accurate and thorough Security Risk Analysis is the most cited missing item in HIPAA penalties. And not performing this critical task has been identified as the root cause of most breaches. We conduct HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, which is a full compliance assessment. We also generate a Risk Treatment Plan to address discovered deficiencies. Not only will you reduce your risk, but these reports will help meet requirements of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), a Medicare payment program.

HIPAA requires you to have an accurate and current Policies & Procedures Manual. Some companies offer “pre-fab” printed or PDF HIPAA P&P manuals. That’s fine for your bookshelf, but if you are ever audited, you’ll need to prove you actually followed those policies and procedures.


Covers HIPAA’s Security Rule, Privacy Rule, and Breach Notification Rule


Performs all actions required for the MIPS Incentive Payment

SystemSafe Harbor Law

Implements the NIST CSF to take advantage of the HIPAA Safe Harbor Law

Risk Insurance

Ensures your cyber risk insurance policy pays off in the event of a breach.

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